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August 2023


Cambodian Government Increases Subsidies for Pregnant Women and Young Children

On 21 August 2023, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Ministry of Public Health of Cambodia issued Inter-Ministerial Prakas No....


Invitation for Bid Notice (Re-Tender) Dated 13 July 2023 and Closing on 18 September 2023 on the “Development of the Dost Textile Mills Site at Feni, Bangladesh Through a Public-Private Partnership”

[From our Bangladesh Office]

BTMC intends to establish textile mills and/or textile-related linked industries and support facilities at Feni, Bangladesh at the existing site of Dost Textile Mills... 

Transitioning From a Manual to an Electronic Taxpayer Registration Process

[From our Myanmar Office]

The Internal Revenue Department (“IRD”) has recently made an announcement on a transformational change in the taxpayer registration process. In order to facilitate the... 

Requirement for Advance Payment on Export Earnings Revoked, Deposits now Required

[From our Myanmar Office]

The Department of Trade under the Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) announced via Bulletin 11/2023 dated 28 June 2023 (“Bulletin 11”) and subsequent Bulletin 13/2023... 

Ministry of Commerce institutes mandatory e-commerce registration

[From our Myanmar Office]

The Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) has now classified e-commerce, defined as the practice of selling goods or services through an online consumer platform on... 

Notification No. 28271 GDT dated 15 August 2023 on “Adjustment of the Specific Tax Rate on Locally Manufactured Non-alcoholic Beverage Products”

[From our Cambodia Office]

The Specific Tax rate for non-alcoholic beverages produced and supplied locally will be adjusted and determined as follows, effective 1 September 2023: Separately, the... 

Circular No. 03 dated 07 August 2023 issued by the Department of Financial Institutions and Markets of the Bangladesh Bank on “Taking Thumbprints on Loan-Related Charge Documents”

[From our Bangladesh Office]

Aiming to address emerging legal complexities in loan recovery procedures, the Bangladesh Bank has published a new circular that makes it compulsory for banks... 

Circular No. 10 dated 20 August 2023 issued by the Department of Financial Institutions and Markets of the Bangladesh Bank on “Loan Rescheduling for the Shipbuilding Industry”

[From our Bangladesh Office]

In a concerted effort to recover bad debts and alleviate the burden of classified loans, the Bangladesh Bank has taken measures to ease the... 


Investing in: Vietnam +1 & Malaysia +1

8 September 2023, Online



Power project acquisition in Bangladesh: The Bangladesh team is advising a European-based global energy company on the legal and tax structuring and documentation for a potential power project acquisition.

Real estate project in Cambodia: VDB Loi Cambodia is advising on the development of a condominium project in Cambodia.

Hydropower acquisition in Laos: VDB Loi Laos is assisting a Thai company with its acquisition of an equity interest in a Lao company developing a large hydropower plant.

Tax services in Myanmar: The tax team has been engaged by a global lubricants manufacturing and marketing company to assist with its tax compliance obligations in Myanmar.

Due diligence in Vietnam: The Vietnam team conducted a legal due diligence on a Vietnam target for a major Asia-Pacific conglomerate.