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SRO No. 284- Law/2022, “Amendment of Bangladesh Labor Rule 2015”, Dated 01 September 2022

October 31, 2022

The Ministry of Labor and Employment introduced 101 new amendments to the Labor Rule 2015, on 01 September 2022. There are some major and minor changes in the newly amended rule. Among the major changes, conduct towards women, maternity benefits, arrangement of health centers that will provide consultation to women are significant.

As per the amendment, Labor Ministry included a new section that, in every establishment, there must be a committee that will control or take into account to every harassment-related issue. The complaint committee must contain 5 members, where the majority should be women, and among them, one woman will be chief and other representatives must be selected from that establishment.

There’s another provision added in the amended Rule that, if a woman gives birth after the scheduled time of eight weeks preceding the expected day of her delivery, the days that pass after the scheduled time of eight weeks will be adjusted under the Rules. Secondly, if a woman suffers a miscarriage before the scheduled date of going on maternity leave, she will be entitled to four weeks leave due to her health reasons; no deductions from wages will be made and such leave cannot be adjusted with any leave which is due to her. The amended rules also clarify the calculation of maternity benefits, the rule  additionally permits to deduction of money for the provident fund from the maternity benefit.

According to the amended rule, employers had to establish a Health Centre to provide consultation to women employees.  Besides, employer has to ensure the necessary transport with security in case if a woman  requires to work in between 10 PM and 6 AM.

These are some major rules among 101 newly amended rules, added by The Ministry of Labor and Employment.