The energy and infrastructure team in our firm has one goal: using the unique local knowledge and relationships we have spent years building up, to give your deal the edge. We are the ultimate in ground connectivity.

International financial institutions are confident in our advice, choosing us for several of their largest-ever financing transactions in our markets. Governments trust us to act for them on their privatizations and private sector partnerships.

Our ability to navigate government administrations is exceptional, saving precious time on approval processes and improving the transparency of infrastructure projects.


  • 600MW HPP in Myanmar for one of the world’s largest producers of electricity
  • 700MW HPP in Myanmar for a global hydropower developer
  • Hydropower concessions in Laos, assisting a Thai-based energy company
  • Financing transaction involving a hydropower developer in Laos, acting for the lenders
  • Drafted a new model hydropower PPA for use in Myanmar, instructed by the IFC


  • 300MW solar plant in Myanmar, the largest in ASEAN, acting for the sponsors
  • Assisting an international financial institution with its financing of a solar project in Cambodia
  • 30MW wind farm in Myanmar for one of the largest Asian power producers
  • 90MW biomass power facility in Kampot, Cambodia, acting for the sponsors


  • US$1 billion, one of the largest financings ever in Laos, acting for an international financial institution on the financing of two transmission line construction projects in Laos
  • Construction of a transmission line from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh in Cambodia
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in a transmission line interest in Cambodia


  • 1200MW LNG at Kanbauk, Myanmar providing local counsel and tax advice on development of the combined cycle plant
  • 500MW CCGT at Thaketa, Myanmar acting for the lenders
  • 250MW CCGT at Myingyan, Myanmar acting for prospective sponsors
  • 200MW CCGT in Myanmar, acting for the sponsors
  • 300MW power rental project with HFO/LNG in Myanmar
  • International acquisition of a major coal mining asset in Indonesia


  • Acting for the Ministry of Electricity and Energy in Myanmar on the privatization of 5 state-owned assets in the mid-stream space
  • Assisting sponsors of an LNG terminal in Myanmar with planning and project acquisition
  • Assisting the developer of a petroleum refinery in Cambodia


  • Advising 4 supermajors on the acquisition and operation of their oil and gas interests in Myanmar
  • Disposal of a producing gas asset and pipeline interest in Myanmar, acting for the purchasers
  • Advice on the acquisition of an oil and gas block in Cambodia
  • Assistance with 3 farm-in transactions in Myanmar
  • Acquisition of an onshore gas block in Laos


  • Investment in the Thilawa SEZ in Myanmar, acting for the Japanese government
  • Investment of a US$300 million nickel smelter industrial project in Indonesia
  • Development in a new industrial zone in Myanmar, acting for the state-owned foreign investor
  • Planning and project procurement of an offshore supply base in Myanmar


  • Advising two international financial institutions on their US$300 million corporate financing of telecom infrastructure in Myanmar, the largest of its kind so far
  • Negotiated for the first spectrum license with the Myanmar government
  • Submarine fiber optic cable project in the Andaman sea, assisting the sponsors
  • Acting for a consortium of bilateral development financial institutions on the US$175 million financing of the deployment of a network of telecom towers in Myanmar
  • Acquisition of passive network infrastructure in Vietnam, acting for the purchaser
  • Deployment and licensing of a closed circuit cable network in Indonesia
  • Assistance with the concession for a nationwide fiber optic cable network in Laos


  • Created the first working national group to assist the government and industry on PPP reform
  • Executive committee of the IFC-supported Hydropower Developer Working Group in Myanmar
  • Provided technical assistance and training to the Department of Hydropower Implementation on PPP and PPA drafting


  • Cambodia’s first PPP highway
  • Assisting one of the sponsors of the largest foreign- owned port terminal project in Thilawa, Myanmar
  • Acting for the Ministry of Transport and Communications on 2 dry-port projects in Myanmar
  • Advised the government on the tender process for development of the Yangon Elevated Expressway


  • Advised a consortium of sponsors with a water treatment and distribution project in Myanmar
  • Acquisition and financing of a US$28 million hospital in Indonesia
  • Assisting the sponsors of a US$2 billion social infrastructure with mixed-use real estate in Yangon, Myanmar