We are trusted legal advisers for many of the region’s most active lenders, whether international financial institutions or development financial institutions, commercial lenders or non-bank financial institutions. International financial institutions have chosen us for several of their largest-ever financing transactions in our markets. To corporate borrowers and lenders alike, we are known for our pragmatism and for delivering an effective way forward in a challenging context.

Our team delivers the ultimate in ground connectivity for financial services. We are widely praised for our ability to navigate government administrations to secure official approvals. In the same vein, we have assisted with the market entry of foreign banks, microfinance institutions, insurance companies and other financial players, including through acquisitions, and advised on financial sector regulation.

Our banking practice has earned tier-one recognition, and in a number of our markets, we have had a role in nearly every major project finance transaction.


  • US$51 million revolving credit facility provided by a foreign-owned bank in Cambodia, acting for the bank
  • US$150 million loan for major telecommunications company, acting as the lender’s counsel
  • US$100 million, acting as the borrower’s counsel for a refinancing agreement between a syndication of overseas banks and a regional construction company
  • Drafting of agreements and due diligence for a Myanmar lender from overseas banks worth US$122 million
  • Assisted a foreign bank licensed in Myanmar with a number of secured term loans
  • Acting for a foreign bank licensed in Laos with term loans to hydropower developers


  • Proposed bond issue by an independent power producer with assets in Myanmar, counsel to the issuer
  • US$40 million Sharia-compliant Sukuk listed in Luxembourg in Indonesia


  • Close to US$1 billion financing of power transmission infrastructure, one of the largest-ever project financings in Laos, acting for the lender, a bilateral development financial institution
  • US$300 million financing, the largest-ever by international financial institutions involving Myanmar, acting for the lenders
  • Financing of mini-hydros in Laos, acting for a locally licensed foreign bank
  • US$250 million financing by a US development financial institution, providing specialized advice to the borrower, a towerco, in Myanmar
  • US$175 million financing for a Myanmar-based towerco by a group of European development financial institutions, acting for the lenders
  • US$87 million, first-ever non-recourse financing for a Myanmar investment in network infrastructure, acting for the borrowers
  • US$85 million loan agreement between IFC, ADB and local construction company
  • US$75 million financing for Myanmar construction company with the IFC and IFC Asset Management Company
  • Financing of a solar power plant in Cambodia by an international financial institution
  • US$50 million capital refinancing of international communications company in Cambodia and Myanmar
  • Secured financing for international telecommunications company in Vietnam worth US$50 million
  • Secured US$40 million loan for a local and international entity to establish submarine telecommunications cables in Myanmar
  • US$37 million financing by a state-owned foreign bank for a mixed-use property project in Indonesia, acting for the lenders
  • US$25 million IFC loan for a major Myanmar retail company in Myanmar
  • Secured a US$20 million loan for an international company to finance a hospital project in Yangon


  • In Myanmar we helped obtain licenses for three foreign banks, five MFIs and a securities company
  • Our team helped a leading Australian bank with regulatory matters in Cambodia
  • Acting for a financial institution on litigation involving bank recovery obligations in Indonesia
  • Assisted a mobile network operator and a bank structure an e-money partnership in Myanmar
  • Acted as local counsel for the World Bank engaged in advising the Myanmar Government in restructuring two State-owned banks
  • Advised multinational insurance company on the possibility of brokerage services in Laos
  • Assisted a mobile payment technology provider with their license application under the Mobile Banking Directive in Myanmar
  • Assisted in drafting the legal framework for an e-company, including framing terms and conditions and privacy policy


  • US$6 million term loan for two different MFIs in Myanmar, acting for a development financial institution
  • Equity investment in a microfinance lender in Cambodia
  • Worked with a number of MFI providers in Myanmar, lending funds to rural and agricultural communities
  • Restructuring of an MFI in Cambodia
  • Assisted in setting up a company and applying for and obtaining an MFI license in Myanmar
  • Secured three loans, each of $3 million in value, for different projects organized by an ASEAN organisation
  • Worked with a communications company to finance a small-scale fiber optic installation project in Myanmar and Cambodia
  • Assisted an NGO organisation securing funds for relief and development projects in Myanmar


  • Purchase and financing of 5 aircraft in Indonesia by a state-owned enterprise worth US$11 million
  • First-ever aircraft financing after Myanmar’s accession to the Cape Town Convention, acting for the lenders


  • Helped an EU bank explore the regulatory framework for a factoring type financing
  • Advised a leading bank from the EU on the first commodity financing in Myanmar
  • Represented an EU export credit agency in connection with the purchase of telecom network equipment for use in Myanmar