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VDB Loi advises the Myanmar Government on Nyaung Don LPG plant tender process

January 25, 2016

VDB Loi is currently advising the Ministry of Energy (“MoE”) in Myanmar on tender submissions to upgrade the Nyaung Don liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) plant via a joint venture (“JV”) project with Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise (“MPE”).

From an original roster of 22 companies bidding to engage in a JV with MPE, the MoE announced in December that it had shortlisted 11 companies (from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, US, the UAE, China and Hong Kong) to prepare more detailed submissions to be submitted by the end of February.

VDB Loi advised the MoE on the initial tender process, and is working alongside its client through to the final selection of a JV partner.

According to VDB Loi senior partner Edwin Vanderbruggen, this is a particularly important project, critical to helping a rapidly developing Myanmar meet its increasing need for energy.

“We are delighted to assist our long-time clients at the Ministry of Energy on this major project,” he says, “and one which sees many of the world’s leading energy companies looking to assist in Myanmar’s development. We hope to continue our pioneering role in major infrastructure projects in Myanmar.”

The Nyaung Don LPG plant was originally commissioned over a decade ago, and produces LPG from gas sourced from a nearby onshore field. The facility is located in Ayearwady Region in the southwest of the country.

VBD Loi acts and has acted for the Myanmar Government on a number of privatizations in a wide range of sectors, including energy, transportation and communications. With VBD Loi’s assistance, National Energy Puma Aviation recently became the first successfully-concluded JV of a privatized state-owned enterprise in modern times, notably in the jet fuel distribution sector.

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