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Tax Audits in Cambodia and the New Tax Audit Manual/SOP of the GDT: What Will Change in Practice?

About this live webinar

The General Department of Taxation in Cambodia (“GDT”) has just released its long awaited Manual on the Methods and Procedures of Tax Audits, also known as “the Tax Audit SOP’s”, as well as guidance on tax crime investigations. Cambodian tax authorities perform roughly 4,000 tax audits per year, and in practice, some audits may take several years to complete. The Tax Audit Manual/SOP is one of several ways how the GDT is reforming the administration of the different tax audits in the country.

In this highly practical webinar we present a sharp factual analysis of the newly published practices and we assess what companies need to know going forward. What is really new here, and how will it actually work?


  • Which companies will be audited less under the Manual/SOP?
  • Which Limited Audits will be merged with Comprehensive Audits, and how?
  • Which tax audits will have a maximum time limit in the future?
  • Which ratios and circumstances will trigger a tax audit in the future?
  • What changes for protest letters and appeals?
  • Will the Litigation Bureau’s take over tax disputes faster than before?
  • Comparing the Manual/SOP with prior audit regulations: what is really new?
  • How does the new process for Desk Audits work?
  • Will the MEF’s Committee for Tax Arbitration decide appeals in a new way?
  • What are the new rules for sharing of copies and documents?
  • How to use the GDT’s new complaint system


Edwin Vanderbruggen
Senior Partner

Edwin has 30 years of experience as a tax consultant and spent several years as a fulltime internal adviser with the tax authorities in Cambodia. He is recognized for his experience and knowledge in strategic transfer pricing matters, such as high-stakes disputes and transfer pricing planning, and he leads a team of experienced tax advisers in Cambodia on transfer pricing compliance projects. Edwin has trained tax authorities in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia on transfer pricing issues, and published several professional textbooks on transfer pricing. Edwin and his team assist banks, oil and gas companies, telecoms, and other multinationals with their transfer pricing needs in Cambodia.

Laysym Sim

Laysym is an experienced tax adviser with a degree in management. He has over 19 years of work experience, including with KPMG and DFDL in Cambodia, where he was responsible for relations with the tax authorities. He advises on transfer pricing, tax planning, and tax disputes. Laysym has conducted tax due diligence on several major acquisitions in Cambodia, and worked with a wide variety of international clients across a broad range of industries.

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May 28, 2024
Online Webinar