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Live Webinar “Hot Issues and New Trends on Bangladesh Solar and Wind PPAs”


The Bangladesh Government has announced it seeks to add more than 2.5 GW of renewable energy projects within the next ten years, a big step from the currently still very modest contribution of renewables to the energy mix. But how will those PPAs look like, as most of the presently in force PPAs are about gas and HFO? What will the new wind PPAs look like, as no precedent is currently in operation? This and other hot commercial and legal issues are the focus of our next webinar on Bangladesh!  

Bangladesh Solar PPAs: Hot Issues and Trends

  • How much time does the IPP have to get to Financial Close, Construction Start, COD: The different milestones and deadlines in Bangladesh PPA: How strict are these time periods in practice?
  • Permits and approvals (incl the BERC license) between singing and COD: Practical experiences, how long does it take, typical challenges;
  • How is the dispatch/demand risk managed in Bangladesh PPAs? What has been the evolution, the differences in various PPAs? What is the compensation for the IPP in case of curtailment by BPDB?
  • Grid outage: what is the compensation, if any, paid by BPDB? Why are there differences between PPAs?
  • Which PPA clauses have been added recently to solar and wind PPAs in Bangladesh (which were not there in earlier PPA’s?) and why?
  • Which issues are lenders likely to raise in relation to Bangladesh PPA’s for renewables in their current format?
  • Tariff with or without “Power Factor Adjustment”?
  • PPA trend on insurance: more detail, more risks need to be covered;
  • Force majeure definition and payment rights in different Bangladesh PPAs for renewables;
  • Political Events and Change in Law: will lenders accept the Bangladesh model clauses?
  • Disputes: practical insights on the working of the new Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission    
  • The big question: What kind of land ownership documents will international lenders accept?
  • Q&A


Edwin Vanderbruggen
Senior Partner

Habibullah Shakil

Osman Goni

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April 21, 2022
Dhaka: 2.00PM | Phnom Penh: 3:00PM | Singapore/Hong Kong: 4.00PM | Tokyo: 5.00PM
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