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Foreign Investment In Myanmar Banks

The stars are aligning for another shake-up in Myanmar’s dynamic financial landscape: Myanmar Banks with foreign shareholders

As both local banks and interested foreign investors have looked carefully at possible business combinations, regulators ponder how to evaluate the likely future requests for approval. All of this against the backdrop of a fairly new banking law and a new companies law, meaning many of the rules are not yet well tested. How can the new deals be structured before and after official approval?

VDB Loi hosts an extraordinary workshop to exercise precisely that. How can you structure purchasing or selling a stake in a Myanmar bank?


  • Which joint ventures will the government allow in the banking sector?
  • Can a foreign investor buy shares in the holding company of a Myanmar bank?
  • What are the steps to approve a share transfer?
  • How do Myanmar financial regulations impact the joint venture/shareholders agreement?
  • “Due Diligence deal killers” – case studies on what we might find and how to fix it.
  • What are the structuring options for buying and holding a stake in a Myanmar financial institution?
  • Call options, convertible loans, classes of shares, trust ownership: what works in practice?
  • Tax implications of various structuring options


18.30am – 9.00amRegistration
29.00am – 9.30amStructuring Options for Buying or Selling a Stake in a Myanmar Bank
– How to apply the 35% rule to banks?
– Convertible loans and call options
– Can foreigners own shares of banks through a trust or nominees?
– Buying shares in the holding company of a Myanmar bank
– What if the bank owns real estate?
39.50am – 10.10amApproval Process and Financial Regulations Impacting the Deal?
– What would be the approval process for a foreign investment in a bank?
– Can foreigners sit on the BOD of a Myanmar bank?
– Can a foreign investor have a veto right on certain decisions?
410.10am – 10.20am Break
510.20am – 10.40amDue Diligence Deal Killers
– What kind of due diligence issues might come up?
– Which ones cannot be fixed?
610.40am – 11.30amPanel Discussion: What is the M&A Outlook for Myanmar banks?


Edwin Vanderbruggen
Senior Partner

Patrick Hanna
EY Singapore Advisory

Ms. Kyawt Kay Khaing
Deputy – CEO
United Amara Bank

Mr. Chee Seng Liew
Advisor to the CEO
CB Bank

Dr. Thaung Han
Myanmar Citizen Bank

Mr. Hal Bosher

Mr. Dominic Notario
Myanmar Oriental Bank

Mr. Muniandy R. Krishnan
KBZ Bank

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December 5, 2018
8:30am - 11:30am
Pan Pacific Hotel, Yangon