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Cambodia Labor Law Aspects of COVID-19: Practical Issues Webinar

Cambodia currently has 0 active cases of Covid-19 despite surpassing 100 cases. However, the pandemic still caused a massive disturbance in the economy of the fast growing country, known for its large garment and footwear factories. In order to prevent employees from potential health risks and minimize disturbances to business operations and possible losses, most companies have already implemented business continuity planning. In doing so, many of our clients have faced questions such as the ones we discuss in this highly practical webinar work session.


  • Can the employer reduce the employee’s working days/hours/salary without employee’s agreement?
  • If an employee self-quarantines, does this count as annual leave, a normal working day, or leave of absence?
  • Can an employer oblige an employee to self-quarantine? Can an employer terminate the employment should the employee refuse
  • If an employer is informed that one employee has tested positive, or has a test pending, must or may the employer tell the other employees?
  • If an employer discriminates against certain employees, is the employer liable for this?
  • What if an employee wants to stay home to take care of children due to school closures or children being sick?
  • Is an office employee entitled to work from home?
  • If an employee falls sick, who pays the salary?
  • What financial benefits are employees entitled to in case of permanent closure of business.


Edwin Vanderbruggen
Senior Partner


Leung Seng
Senior Associate

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May 27, 2020
Phnom Penh: 2.00pm | Yangon: 1.30pm | Bangkok: 2.00pm | Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia: 3.00pm | Seoul, Tokyo: 4.00pm
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